Youtube Return? Champion's Path ETB Video? Q and A with Steven of KingsTCG

Posted by Matthew Quiles on

Why Champion's Path?

We have an enormous stockpile! Also we haven't pulled them elusive Charizards yet! 

When Will the contents of my purchase be delivered?

We will ship out the contents of your ETB up to two business days After Filming. You will be notified; Via email, once it ships. Rest assured, everything will be shipped safely.

When will you film the YouTube Video?

We will film after 5 ETB spots are purchased, (since this is a new idea for us, we do not know when 5 spots will be purchased. if only one spot is bought after a 7 business day waiting period, we will film a video solely for that one order) Like always we like to hit a sweetspot of 36-50 packs per video! This insures a nice 15-20 minute video for our return..

Are you guys coming back?

Possibly, It has taken us sometime to get back on the saddle to consider Youtube, or other social medias, and we do realize we will basically be starting from scratch again.. we have been moderately successful on Mercari and other selling platforms.. and for a long time we have been trying to push down the debt from some business level mistakes we made in the beginning. This is why we stopped in the first place.

What were you guys spending per video?

It really depends, some of our Hidden Fates videos were our most expensive.. and considering how much some of that product is worth now, those videos were/are worth $1,000s ..

Where can I buy a spot for the return video?

Right here on our website of course.

Are you reactivating all of your social medias?

As of right now our focus is getting the website back up and running, and stocked with what we have currently. Some prices are what is the current market for those products, while some are somewhat at the bottom of market price. At the moment we are considering bringing back the YouTube and being more active on Instagram. We are also patiently waiting on the call to livestream on the newer app Whatnot, we have some higher end modern products saved for that; whenever that happens. hopefully soon.

Are you going to reupload all of King'sTCG old videos?

Yes, eventually. I had the idea to do a Legacy series, where we upload all the great videos with the great pulls. Otherwise it'd be a little confusing, since some things said in most of our old videos "dates" them.

Why come back now?

Well, honestly.. The community has grown so much in such a short time.. The market is hot.. and we really never stopped being a store.. Its just time to recommit to the dream.

What would you tell to others who want to do the card shop thing?

Never do preorders, at least until your seeing a consistent amount of product from Distributors. Seeing as the industry can't keep up with demand, and everything being highly allocated.. If you do preorders before you can fulfil them, it will hurt not only your reputation, but you'll spend some time digging out of that hole. for us, its was a 2 year long mistake.

What do you see as the hottest modern set?

Honestly, Celebrations.. Do not worry about the price now, just buy as much as you can. you will see a significant increase in profit in 3 years, if not more in 5 or 10 years.

Are you going to have any Celebrations on release?

Well that I don't know, most of our newer modern gets bought up immediately before we can even get it on the website. We have done larger then normal orders from every distributor, but allocation plays a part. So we will see.